OpenAIRE Strategy 2023-25

OpenAIRE AMKE was established in 2018 as a non-profit organisation. It is a Scholarly Communication e-Infrastructure that brings together human capital and advanced Information and Communication Technologies services.  Scholarly communication is integral to the research ecosystem and common to researchers, their institutions and societies. Open Scholarly Communication is key for advancing science and knowledge, an infrastructural glue and provides the mechanisms for shaping and re-using data and information. It is in the core of making Open Science happen. In a fast-changing landscape of open and digital-intensive science, members have collectively developed the OpenAIRE 2023-25 Strategy, identifying five strategic priorities to drive Open Scholarly Communication forward and to connect Europe to global efforts. Guided by these priorities, OpenAIRE will be able to assess and decide on the operation, improvement and development of its services, its participation in projects and initiatives, and on partnerships and collaborations to foster. More information.