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Open Science Week and Open Access Week at MU 2023


On 23.-24.10. two lectures will take place at MU as part of the Open Science Week international campaign, this time on the subject of predatory journals. More information can be found here (only CZ)…
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Last year was introduced the new platform for training in Open Science OpenPlato. OpenPlato is free to use, openly licensed, trustworthy, and sustainable training platform for Open Science. …
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OpenAIRE Strategy 2023-25


OpenAIRE AMKE was established in 2018 as a non-profit organisation. It is a Scholarly Communication e-Infrastructure that brings together human capital and advanced Information and Communication…
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MU published attitude to MDPI


On February 17, 2023 was published University"s attitude towards the publisher MDPI. The document is available here.
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European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia 2023


The 9th European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia (ECEIA) 2023, with the main theme Enhancing ethical practice, professionalism and integrity for future development,…
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Open science is facing headwinds


The comment on Open Science topic by Risto Löf from University of Eastern Finland is available here.
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Workshop for CF MAFIL


Did you miss the seminar for users of the Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory (core facility MAFIL)? Don’t worry; presentations and recordings are available on the website Open Science…
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Vouchers and discounts at publishers 2023 at MU


MU has concluded contracts with selected publishers through the National Center for e-resources the CzechELib. Currently, two groups of publishers could be used for free APC at MU:Unlimited…
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Horizon Europe Open Science requirements in practice webinar


Have any doubts or questions about your obligations as a Horizon Europe (HE) grant holder in terms of Open Access to publications and Research Data Management? OpenAIRE will present the HE…
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New data-sharing requirements from the National Institutes of Health are a big…


Starting in 2023, all research proposals funded by the NIH will need to include a data sharing and management plan. An expert on open science explains the requirements and how they might improve…
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Open science, done wrong, will compound inequities


Research-reform advocates must beware unintended consequences. Read the article by Tony Ross-Hellauer on the Nature website.
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Open Science Workshop 2022 at MU


Did you miss the Open Science workshop last year? Don’t worry; presentations and recordings are available on Open Science at MU. (the event was partly held in Czech)
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Researchers should be assessed on quality not quantity: here’s how


How do you assess academic researchers for promotion or funding? This question has become ever more central in higher education settings since the 1980s saw substantial growth in investment in…
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Creating a science legacy


Senior academics offer tips to develop world-class research programmes and train successful protégés. Read more on the Nature website.
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Strategy of Open Science at MU


The Open Science MU 2022-2028 strategy was adopted by the MU management as a strategic document on 1 November 2022. This is a comprehensive concept for the implementation of Open Science at MU for…
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The rise of inequality research: can spanning disciplines help tackle injustice?


Wide-ranging expertise and direct involvement of those affected will help to make inequality research more meaningful. Read the article on the Nature website.
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Open Access Week 2022


Records from Open Access Week 2022 at Masaryk University are available HERE.
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Zenodo: open digital repository


Invitation to webinar Zenodo: open digital repository.Agenda:Why Zenodo?How to use ZenodoZenodo's features: communities, integrations with other services, etc.What's in the future?demo
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Prof Jeff Camkin: ‘The biggest misconception is that open science is just for…


Prof Jeff Camkin, of the University of Western Australia, is a water and sustainable development specialist. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of the World Water Policy Journal – a platform for…
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WEF Young Scientists call to address Missing Link between policy and science


Scientists from the World Economic Forum’s Young Scientists community believe that a new culture of engagement between policymakers and scientists needs to be established. Read more in the …
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Opinion: Fairness matters


The opinion of Carlos V. Melo, Assistant Professor, Charles University, on „Fairness matters“ you can find on Research Data at Springer Nature.
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Reforming research assessment: The Agreement is now final


The Agreement is the result of a co-creation process started in January 2022 to set a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for research, researchers, and research performing…
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Trial integration of Figshare with Nature Portfolio and Academic journals


Springer Nature is partnering with Figshare at a number of Nature Portfolio and Academic Journals, offering authors a straightforward repository option at submission for a wide range of data…
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Increasing Gender Equality in Academia: Eurodoc’s contribution to the…


Eurodoc strengthened its commitment to the topic of gender equality by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Community of Practice (CoP) “Strategies for Sustainable Gender…
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New resources available on the EOSC Portal!


Around 22 resources have been made available on the EOSC portal. Researchers from many different fields can benefit from the newly available resources, which range from historical archives, open…
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Collaboration drives success for leading science nations


The ‘Big 5’ countries in the Nature Index share a passion for partnership as linchpins of the global research landscape in this article.
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FAIR and AI-ready scientific datasets


To enable the reusability of massive scientific datasets by humans and machines, researchers aim to adhere to the principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability (FAIR)…
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Why to use community repositories?


Do you need to share data? You can use community repositories! The reasons why community repositories are optimal to deposit your data are summarized in the article Community repositories: the best…
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Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the European Open Science…


The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) provides a clear roadmap over the next seven years to achieve the EOSC vision and objectives, namely to deliver an operational “Web of FAIR…
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Recognizing the signs of systemic bias is key to ensuring that hiring, promotion and tenure decisions are fair for everyone. Read the article at Nature Index 
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European Commission publishes scoping report on research assessment


The European Commission published a scoping report summarizing the outcomes of extensive consultations with European and international stakeholders, that took place from March to November 2021. The…
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Publishing in elite journals is no guarantee for tenure


Research by a team of US neuroscientists is intended to debunk widely believed myths that prestigious grants or publication in top-flight journals were necessary to obtain a tenure-track position.…
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​Open ScienceChange management is a very important topic for many organisations, especially if they aim for progress and excellence. Whereas managing change in the corporate world is very common and…
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Involving society in science: Reflections on meaningful and impactful…


The publication ‘Involving society in science: Reflections on meaningful and impactful stakeholder engagement in fundamental research’ was recently published in EMBO reports (10.15252/embr…
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ORION: Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation


Read the article Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation  on ORION website.
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Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation - Future of…


During the session "Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation" at the Future of SciComm conference on 25 June 2021, ORION team showcased a range of innovative methods and…
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What are the advantages of a podcast for communicating about Open Science? -…


The ORION Open Science Podcast started as a way to communicate with new audiences. For science to be open, information has to be accessible, and taking advantage of this unique audio medium was too…
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Open Research Europe is Officially Launched and First Submissions are Live


On March 24th, the European Commission officially launched Open Research Europe. The #OpenAccess publishing platform helps Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 beneficiaries to publish their research…
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Eurodoc Input on UNESCO Open Science Recommendation


Eurodoc contributed to the ‘UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science’. Paving the way for concerted action by governments and institutions, UNESCO involved all relevant parties to form a global…
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How altmetrics could help level the playing field for women in STEM


Traditional measures of success favour male researchers. Altmetrics could offer an alternative to help democratize academic evaluation. More information in Nature article
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Webinar Available Online: “Data Management Expert Guide: Why and How to Use It?”


Last December, Eurodoc Open Science Ambassador Sothearath Seang was invited to speak at the webinar on the Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG), organised by The Consortium of European Social Science…
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Who is Responsible for Transferable Skills and How Can RRI and Open Science…


In an increasingly competitive job market, transferable skills are of critical importance for the career development of early-career researchers. For the Euroscientist, the official journal of…
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ORION Inspiring Stories


The first three ORION Inspiring stories have been published on the ORION website
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Open Research Europe is Ready for Submissions


The European Commission launched its Open Access publishing platform, Open Research Europe, which now accepts article submissions. ORE is expected to cover research in all fields and publishing on…
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Start Preparing Your Research for Submission to Open Research Europe


The European Commission’s new Open Access publishing platform, Open Research Europe, will open formally for Horizon 2020 article submissions from the end of November 2020. You can start to…
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Eurodoc, MCAA and YAE call on EU institutions to ensure free circulation of…


The joint statement calling on EU institutions to ensure the right of researchers to share their research findings without embargoes or restrictions has been issued by three organisations…
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Full Report from International Symposium on the Impact of Plan S


This event was organized by the Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub and the KU Leuven Libraries in November 2019. The event included  a panel on the impact of Plan S on early- and mid-career…
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WikiOpenScience: SHERPA/RoMEO


New article about service SHERPA/RoMEO at WikiOpenScience.
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WikiOpenScience: Microsoft Academic


New article about Microsoft Academic at WikiOpenScience.
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Arts meet science


As an artist in residence in the labs at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), the artist Emilia Tikka explored how genome editing tools, such as CRISPR-Cas9, could affect society in…
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ORION grants by JCMM


Congratulation to MU master student Michaela Kubová (Martin Lysák Research Group from CEITEC MU) who win one of ten ORION grants by JCMM with her innovative project Let’s clean South Moravia from…
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WikiOpenScience: How to recognize predatory journal?


New article about predatory journals in WikiOpenScience: How to recognize predatory journal?
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ORION Open Science podcast: Open Science and Career Pathways


The new podcast related to Open Science was published here.Episode summary: In this episode we are discussing researcher career options and how open science can have career benefits. Our…
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Wiley and Projekt DEAL established groundbreaking partnership for Germany


Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. announced a partnership agreement with Projekt DEAL. Project DEAL was set up by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany representing the vast majority…
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