Open Science

Nowadays, Open Science is a hot topic on the national and international level. It is not only about Open Access but involved also Open Research Data, Open Research Infrastructure or Citizen Science. It is widely recognised that making research results more accessible contributes to better and more efficient science, and to innovation in the public and private sectors. CEITEC participates in Horizon 2020 project ORION Open Science which aims is building of effective cooperation between science and society. This Open Science Guide will provide you an overview of themes, events, and news related to Open Science.

What is Open Science? What is RRI?

Open Science is an international phenomenon which is defined by the European Commission as:

“Open Science represents a new approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work and new ways of diffusing knowledge by using digital technologies and new collaborative tools. The idea captures a systemic change to the way science and research have been carried out for the last fifty years: shifting from the standard practices of publishing research results in scientific publications towards sharing and using all available knowledge at an earlier stage in the research process”.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) seeks to align the processes and outcomes of research and innovation with the values, needs, and expectations of the society. This requires multi-actor and public engagement initiatives in research and innovation (RRI Tools).